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Photo CARDS $5 . 5" x 7" on crisp, white un-coated paper. Inviting for the eyes AND the fingers. Mostly horizontal orientation.

Images from a camping trip to Trout Lake Abbey, a spiritual community unique in its dual focus on Buddhist and Celtic traditions. The occasion of my visit was a workshop with Joanna Macy, American Buddhist, systems thinker and environmentalist, author of Coming Back to Life, Widening Circles, and many other books including Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We're in Without Going Crazy (2012). She has been one of the greatest influences on my work with families, couples, and individuals over the last 25 years. How startlingly refreshing to be in her presence and learn.
Watching OverApproaching Klickitat (Mt. Adams)Setting Sun KissTrout Lake AbbeyPeeking Out: First DaylightJizo IQuan Yin, Protector of AllMt. Adams Zen Buddhist TempleFlags AlightKlickitat (Mt. Adams)Trout Lake CabinMeeting Hall & GardensLong ViewQuan Yin IIIView from the TempleAbidingQuan Yin: Evening LightAll Dressed Up: BooooStairs to Meeting RoomInterior:  Meeting Room