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December 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome to The ArtLight Blog, a place to take a break and remember who you really are.


December . 2017

We all need the beauty and stimulation of art. We all need unstructured quiet time. We all need solitude. Give yourself time to take a deep breath. Notice how your body welcomes your attention with an ahhh. Such a deep joy accompanies your finely tuned desire to be with yourself. Take another deep breath. And then take another. Let everything from before drop away. Now, imagine a moment in which you sit alone in a quiet room, a moment like this moment: The rain quietly plays on the roof above you. The flames steadily burn in the wood stove, warming you.  A cat sits curled in the chair near you, content to share these pleasures of the moment.  Let yourself remember a time when you felt loved and deeply cherished. Let that feeling move through your being now, however it does. Nothing you have to do. No right way. Just being. Take another breath. And again. Then,when you're ready, take a stretch, like you do when you first wake up in the morning, and then stand up and move around in a way that allows you to remain connected to your heart. 

Remember to unplug and let yourself rest. Play (and nap!) whenever you can. These choices we make to renew ourselves are a preparation for us. This time prepares us for the love and joy we will share with the world each day. Your presence is essential -- to you, to those who love you, and to all that you will offer in this world.

This world needs your Light. Shine it as broadly and brightly as you can!

                                                                                                              -- Dana Cunningham Anderson & ArtLight Media

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