The ArtLight Story

ArtLight was born in 1996 in a garage studio in Gearhart, OR a few blocks from a lonely long stretch of dunes and ocean. A few letters of the Neuland calligraphy were hand-carved with an X-Acto knife and #11 blade and a whole new form of meditative expression emerged for me. Some moments change a whole lifetime.


ArtLight's Quotation Cards are an old-fashioned A2 size --  5.5"x4.25". Our papers are 100% recycled with an old-fashioned 'felt' finish that feels like watercolor paper. Envelopes are coordinated or contrasting in color.

Contact us for more information about our Quotation Calendars and Undated Remembrance Calendars for keeping track of recurring birth dates, death dates, anniversaries and special remembrance dates.

ArtLight Studio

Since 2003, our home and studio has been The Bend at Moon Creek. a land preserve of tall trees, meadow and wooded hills nestled along The Big Nestucca River at the western base of the Coast Range in Oregon. We're about 10-miles as the raven flies from the Pacific Ocean. Blue fir, hemlock, plenty of alder, and the quirky trees of an old fruit orchard. Deer, elk, an occasional cougar and her cubs, persky beaver who chew down our old fruit trees -- all this LIFE keep us company, day by day.

The imagery singing in my head flows directly from the feminine land forms that surround and embrace me. 

Hand-Stamping: A Meditation

One of the distinguishing characteristics of ArtLight's "look" is the meditative process of hand-stamping quotations that inspire me. No computer fonts here! As I stamp out each letter of the wise words of old friends Rumi, Wendell Berry, and Georgia O'Keeffe, I think of you, the person who will receive the expression that is forming under my inky fingers. I feel like an old abbess, or a young monk. I am nurtured within the sacred, timeless rhythms and traditions of calligraphic practice. At the same time, I am aware of reaching beyond myself, beyond the old monks and contemporary writers and artists to the place where you -- yes, exactly you -- live, right now, in your own sweet solitude and daily messiness of life. In New York, Idaho, Maryland, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Minnesota, England, South Africa, Egypt, The Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Germany, Canada, and Ireland -- indeed, everywhere on this planet and beyond,  we are -- ALL of us sentient beings --  One!



ArtLight Media is a woman-owned feminist art studio based on the North Coast of Oregon (USA). Your mindful purchase supports a lean lifestyle devoted to art-making and spiritual aliveness.

May your creativity shine. YOU are the LIGHT in ARTLIGHT !

Dana ArtLight

Dana Cunningham Anderson
ArtLight Media

The Music Story

Our music was created by Patrick Metzger, a favorite person and family member we love a lot. The tune is called "Architecture." We especially like it because Patrick wrote it for his sweetheart, life partner, and wife, our dear niece Amie Rose Anderson.

You can hear (and watch) Patrick and Amie's music-making creations together here -- just click the link below for The Apple Kickers' website.

MUSIC LINKS for Patrick Metzger

Patrick Metzger's music:

The Apple Kickers, Amie Anderson + Patrick Metzger:
Website, Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,

Patrick and Tenafly Rye:
Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, Bandcamp, YouTube